Chinchillas For Sale

I am located in Lafayette, Louisiana about 3.5 hours east of Houston Texas, and 2 hours west of New Orleans.

I am in the process of relocating from Lafayette, LA to San Antonio, TX. I will be available in Lafayette intermittently on weekends and hope to have the herd moved by late November. You are welcome to email me for a list of available chins at but they must be picked up in person on Saturdays only starting 11/4/17.

Random cute baby pictures;

Violet Baby

Below is a list of the chinchilla colors that can be born here;
Baby prices are $160 - $500 depending on color. Adult prices range $80 - $400 and depend on age, show performance and breedability/color. Blue Diamond lines are $200 - $500 with show quality up to $1500. Price is dependant on age, color and quality.

Standard Gray - light to extra dark
Black Velvet
Hetero Ebony
Homo Ebony
Tov Tan
Tov Mosaic
Ebony White (+TOV)
Tan White (+TOV)
Beige (+sc)
Brown Velvet
Homo Tan
Pinkwhite (+TOV)
Violet (+sc)
Beige Violet
Beige Sapphire
White Violet
Sapphire (+vc)
Tov Sapphire (+vc)
Blue Diamond/Viophire (Pure US/Frazier lines plus some Denmark lineage)

(+sc) = Sapphire Carrier
(+vc) = Violet Carrier
(+TOV) = Touch of Velvet, short hand for Black Velvet