Chinchillas For Sale

I recently relocated to San Antonio, Texas, about two hours west of Houston and 3.5 hours south of Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Updated April 2018

No picture yet $140 - Gray girl, breeding age. Potty trained and ready to leave.
Baby Gray chinchilla for sale $160 - Baby Gray ec boy, ready to leave.
Baby White chinchilla for sale $400 - Baby Tov Tan White boy. Ready to leave.
Baby Black Velvet chinchilla for saleBaby White chinchilla for sale $300 - Baby Black Velvet girl. Showing the characteristics of a dwarf, may have a shortened lifespan (7-15 years). Will likely stay very tiny, can not go to a home with small children. Ready to leave.
Baby Sapphire chinchilla for sale $300 each - Baby twin sapphire violet carrier boys. Ready to leave.
Ebony chinchilla for sale $180 - Medium Ebony boy, potty trained, ready to leave.
Baby Violet chinchilla for sale $200 - Baby Gray bdc (Blue Diamond carrier) girl. Ready to leave.
$200 - Violet boy, potty trained and ready to leave.
$200 - Sapphire boy, potty trained and ready to leave.
Beige and Ebony breeding pair, proven, potty trained and ready for a new home. Female (homo ebony) is $300 and male (beige) is $200 or both as a pair for $400.
$800 - Blue Diamond boy, potty trained and ready to leave.
You are welcome to contact me at or call/text (318) 405-1163 to set up a time to visit and pick out a chinchilla.

Current payment methods are cash and paypal only. If you use paypal you will be responsible for the fees. I am available to meet by appointment on the weekends or on rare occasions during the week. If you have a specific chinchilla you would like I am happy to meet close to I-10 or 410 in San Antonio.*

*To meet away from the house I require a $20 non-refundable deposit, this goes towards the purchase price of the chinchilla. Please be on time. I understand things happen but please keep in touch/text me if you are going to be late or miss an appointment. Once you make a deposit on a chinchilla you have one week/(7) days to pick up the chinchilla. After the 7 days the deposit is forfeit (Honestly I don't make money on this just tired of time wasters).

Shipping via airlines is not available at this time, all chins must be picked up in person or you can arrange a transporter. Some of the transporters people use are USHIP Pets and Citizen Shipper. It is up to the buyer to arrange and pay for these services.

Cute Violet Baby

Below is a list of the chinchilla colors that can be born here;
Baby prices are $160 - $500 depending on color. Adult prices range $80 - $400 and depend on age, show performance and breedability/color. Blue Diamond lines are $200 - $500 with show quality up to $1500. Price is dependant on age, color and quality.

Standard Gray - light to extra dark
Black Velvet
Hetero Ebony
Homo Ebony
Tov Tan
Tov Mosaic
Ebony White (+TOV)
Tan White (+TOV)
Beige (+sc)
Brown Velvet
Homo Tan
Pinkwhite (+TOV)
Violet (+sc)
Beige Violet
Beige Sapphire
White Violet
Sapphire (+vc)
Tov Sapphire (+vc)
Blue Diamond/Viophire (Pure US/Frazier lines plus some Denmark lineage)

(+sc) = Sapphire Carrier
(+vc) = Violet Carrier
(+TOV) = Touch of Velvet, short hand for Black Velvet