Chinchillas For Sale

I recently relocated to San Antonio, Texas, about 2.5 hours west of Houston and 4 hours south of Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Updated Jan. 18th, 2021
(318) 405-1163
Please Text or leave a message.
I accept cash and Venmo: SunsetChinchillas

Deposits to hold are $50 and are good for 7 days for adults or 7 days after the posted availability date for babies.

$450 each - Girl - Adorable little twin ebony sisters, one is a little lighter than the other. They will be weaned and available 1/27/21
$850 - Girl - Dark tan baby girl, could turn chocolate. She is a super sweet little thing, very curious and bold. She is weaned and ready to go to a new home.
$600 - Boy - Tov ebony vc psc boy. Will be ready for a new home 1/16/21
$3500 - Girl - Black Velvet Angora girl. Super sweet, loves to just sit in your hand. Extremely long fur, she is getting a little mane and ear tufts.
$2500 - Boy - Mosaic Angora, is a great dad and the sire to many babies here. The little girl above is his granddaughter. He has VERY long fur and a long mane and he does require brushing every few months. He is quite a character and will do anything for treats. He is available because I have put his grandson in breeding.
$250 - Boy - Gray boy, 5 months old. This little guy has been through a lot. He shattered his ankle and it has healed wonderfully however he does not have 100% usage of all toes. This does not slow him down at all, he still runs and hops like a normal chin, the only difference is his foot sticks out a little and one of his ankles is larger than the other. I will not sell him to a home that will keep him on fleece. He needs to be in a cage with a bare bottom, a potty dish (see my pet care section for examples) and it needs to have low shelves and lots of them staggered with no more than a 10" distance to jump or fall. This means he would do best in a single story ferret/critter nation with custom shelves. Absolutely NO FLEECE (a hammock is ok). It causes foot sores and he does not need that. I've included a photo of how beautiful his feet are from being on bare metal, stone and wood shelves. He does get along great with other chinchillas and is housed with a tan white male here.

You are welcome to contact me at or call/text (318) 405-1163 to set up a time to visit and pick out a chinchilla.

Due to the virus I am now meeting people outside.

I hope that at some point in the future we can get back to sitting down in the hallway and playing with the babies! This really helps them socialize and I love to chat too. Until then please understand that if it is hot out I may rush you to put the chin (especially babies) directly into your vehicle so they can stay cool. I am happy to stand and chat as long as you like!

Thank you for your understanding.

Current payment methods are cash or Venmo: SunsetChinchillas.
I will hold a chinchilla for 7 days with a non-refundable deposit of $50. This counts towards the total purchase price. After 7 days the chinchilla will be made available on the website again.

I do work full time so please be patient. This is a hobby I greatly enjoy, not a business.

All chins must be picked up in person or you can arrange a transporter. Examples of the transporters people use are USHIP Pets and Citizen Shipper. It is up to the buyer to arrange and pay for these services, prices previous customers have been quoted range $20-$400.

Once you find a transporter you can either ship your own carrier and water bottle to me, or purchase online at Walmart and I will pick it up at the local store. The transporters usually contact me to schedule a pickup time (weekday evenings after 6PM or weekends) and we will go from there. Carriers need to be hard sided cat carriers, or if it is more than a 3 day trip they MUST BE ALL METAL. Chinchillas eat plastic and when they get bored on long trips they chew right through those carriers. Makes metal carriers. Any small wire cage with wire spacing 1" x 1" or less is acceptable.

Cute Violet Baby

Below is a list of the chinchilla colors that can be born here;

Standard Gray - light to extra dark
Black Velvet
Hetero Ebony
Homo Ebony
Tov Tan
Tov Mosaic
Ebony White (+TOV)
Tan White (+TOV)
Beige (+sc)
Brown Velvet
Homo Tan
Pinkwhite (+TOV)
Violet (+sc)
Beige Violet
Beige Sapphire
White Violet
Sapphire (+vc)
Tov Sapphire (+vc)
Blue Diamond/Viophire (Pure US/Frazier lines plus some Denmark lineage)

(+sc) = Sapphire Carrier
(+vc) = Violet Carrier
(+TOV) = Touch of Velvet, short hand for Black Velvet