Beige Sapphire Chinchillas

In 2014 I was curious and paired a Beige sc with a Beige sc as I had never seen a Beige Sapphire in person. It did make them slightly bluer but only under a show light. It also changed the look of their eyes.

I've recently been told by a couple of people that the chinchilla they had purchased was beige sapphire. Unless they have the odd split eyes, they are only sapphire carriers. It does not make any difference if they are your pet but if you are going to breed make sure you get a complete pedigree from the breeder when working with recessives.

2017 - Beige Sapphire female looking very nice.

2016 Beige Sapphire and regular Sapphire babies. The eyes start to develop darker spots around weaning age and change until they are around six months old.

2016 Beige Sapphire baby girl starting to develop eye spots at 5 weeks old.

Baby Chinchillas
This was the 2014 litter, L to R, Beige sc, Beige Sapphire and Homo Beige sc or Sapphire, I'm still not sure. He was sold to a pet home.

Baby Chinchilla
This is the lightest colored baby.

Beige Sapphire Chinchilla Eye
Beige Sapphire Chinchilla Eye
Sapphire makes the eyes very interesting. You do not see this in a beige sapphrie carrier.

Beige Sapphire Carrier
This is the dam, a beige sapphire carrier. She took phase champion in the 2013 SEC FL show.

Beige Sapphire Brothers
Beige Sapphire Brothers
The brothers at 4.5 months old.

Homo Beige Sapphire Brothers
The Homo Beige sc/sapphire at 5 months old, he is very pale in color. He did not develop the nice conformation that is brother had so he went to a pet home.

Beige Sapphire Brothers
Beige Sapphire at 6 months, Sapphire female at 9 months.

Beige Sapphire Chinchilla
Beige Sapphire at 10 months old. The sapphrie makes the beige blue and smooth but not as nice and smooth as beige violet. He is turning out to be quite nice.