Sapphire Chinchillas

Sapphire is a dilute gene on a standard gray chinchilla. It makes the fur shaft clear so the bluer the chinchilla the bluer the sapphire appears. Sapphire is also a recessive, both parents must carry the genes to have a sapphire baby. Sapphires can be distinguished from Blue Diamonds by the presence of barring in the fur. The barring makes Sapphire appear speckled in poorly barred chins. Over the last decade I have been working tirelessly to create a smooth looking blue sapphire and have come a long way towards that goal. There will be no black anywhere on a sapphire, if yours has a black stripe up the bottom of the tail you likely have a light standard gray.

2022 - Over the last 12 years I have improved the color and smoothness of the blue on the sapphires I work with. This is a stunning little four month old baby boy who will go to show in October.

2019 - I produce a lot of sapphires working with Blue Diamonds. They are usually very nice. These pictures show how the angle of the camera can affect the appearance of the veiling on a chinchilla.

2016 - Baby Sapphire, 9 weeks (Left) compared to baby Blue Diamond, 8 weeks old (Right).

2016 - 5 week old sapphire baby boy.

2016 - Baby chinchillas, Tov Sapphire (front) Sapphire (back) and Beige Sapphire (right).

Female Sapphire chinchilla
2014 - Eight month old show quality sapphire female with nice dense fur.

Young dark male Sapphire chinchilla
2014 - Nice dark sapphire male, six months old.

Baby Sapphire chinchilla
2013 - Baby sapphire showing a beautiful light blue color.

Young male Sapphire chinchilla
2013 - Six month old show quality sapphire male.

Sapphire chinchilla for sale
2013 - Six month old show quality sapphire male top down view.

Baby violet chinchilla and baby sapphire chinchilla
2010 Young Violet on the left, baby Sapphire on the right.

Baby violet chinchilla, Baby sapphire chinchilla, Baby homo ebony chinchilla
2010 Violet, Sapphire and Pinkwhite babies with a homo ebony in the back.

2010 - 10 week old female Blue Diamond with 3 month old sapphire from Ronda's Chinchillas.