Wisconsin MCBA Mazomanie, WI - October 8th, 20121

This show skipped 2020 due to covid, for 2021 we had a good turnout with 151 animals shown and were in a new hall this year at the Mazomanie town center.

Judge this year was Rodger Clark from Wisconsin.
He is judging the sapphires in this photo, I won champion sapphire female (champ sapphire) with a beautiful little Tov Sapphire vc girl.

In the Audience L to R; Sadie Lane, Bobbie's fiance, Bobbie Schultz, Dick Miller's wife, Dick Miller, Rick Miller and Ashly Gadja. Cecil and Kristy Morici are at entry table near the door. The awards table is to visitors and Brenda Walters. At the judging table is Rodger Clark and Randy Eddy being the gracious MC/host.

No new breeders this year unfortunately but we did have some very nice pet people show up and select and take home the perfect pet and lots of fun stuff for him.

As one may notice via the shorts this year was the warmest on record with the temperatures in Wisconsin being higher than Texas (high 80's to low 90's). This year's difficulty was not being able to stop to sleep because the night time temps were not falling below 80. I've never been so exhausted at a show.

I took reserve champion female with this stunning ebony girl. I also took champion angora, champion sapphire and champion white with a stunning pinkwhite girl.

The proper order to fill out your paperwork for mutations. This was a not-so-subtle reminder on Brenda's part as I've been doing it incorrectly for over 20 years. It makes it loads easier to run the awards table/keep notes if the chinchillas are in the order they are shown.

Exhibitors, Cecil came in last minute with one male making it 143 total shown.