About Tara

I'm just a regular person who enjoys breeding and showing chins as a hobby. I often get asked "What are your store hours?" ...and the answer is Catch me when you can!

I currently work with Cygnet and have been doing Enterprise Scada projects for the last 10 years. This line of work takes me out of town multiple times a month and my weeks can run 40-60 hours depending on the project.

Why Chinchillas? I don't know, I met someone that had several when I started college in 1998 and decided I needed one. One became two, two became five, then 8 before I realized what happens when you leave them all together. Oops! That was right around the time the internet forums were kicking off so I was lucky to find great help and advice from experienced breeders.

Other hobbies; I usually have a rescue horse though I haven't had one since moving to San Antonio. Otherwise I spend as much time outside as I can and enjoy walking and hiking.

Canyon picture
2017 - driving across the country again. I think this was a trip to Oregon and back.
Baby Tov Tan Chinchilla
2016 - Winning Sapphire Champion breeder at the 2016 Wisconsin MCBA show. Drove to Barneveld, WI for this one.

I've been all over the country except New England, the weather up the East coast can be extremely challenging during the winter and most Chinchilla shows fall between November and April.