Available Chinchillas

I am located in San Antonio, Texas, about 2.5 hours west of Houston and 4 hours south of Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Updated Jan 22nd 2023
(318) 405-1163 or Email
Please Text or leave a message.
I accept Cash and Apple Pay and Zelle.

I will hold a chinchilla up to 7 days with a $50 deposit. Babies can be held for 7 days after the posted availability date.
*Please see covid notes at bottom!

$800 Boy - Violet with beautiful color and great personality, 7 months old. Super outgoing, fun, loves to play and loves treats. I kept this little guy for show but he has not grown enough to compete. He is potty trained and the perfect gentleman.
$700 Boy - Stunning Black Velvet boy 4 months old, very playful and loves to run and jump all over he is super fun to watch. Will sleep/hide in your hoodie when he is tired.
$900 Boy - Mosaic baby boy, he and his brother are turning out just as spectacular as I thought they would. Will be very plush as he and his twin brother below are out of my show line. Just weaned and ready for a new home. Currently 9 weeks old. Video
$900 Boy - Mosaic baby boy, will end up very plush as he and his twin brother above are out of my show line. Just weaned and ready for a new home. Currently 9 weeks old. Video
$800 Boy - White Violet psc with really cool half brown/half blue eyes, he has a super cool quirky personality and is very bold and curious. He is 6 months old, super chonky and potty trained, his mom was champion violet and dad took a first at show so he will be a stunner for sure! He currently has a bald spot on his tail from a fight with his cage buddy and is temporarily discounted to $800 due to this, his price will go back up after it grows back or he is shown.
$1000 Boy - Pure white pinkwhite with dark eyes and a very light dusting of brown on his tail this 7.5 month old guy is super sweet, super gentle and loves to do backflips and flip off of shelves. He is potty trained and has perfect manners. I kept him for show but his backflips make the fur down his back wavy so he can't be shown. (He is starting a flip in the 3rd photo) Potty trained. Video

Photos @ 6 weeks

Photo @ 2 weeks
$800 Boy - Baby Dark Tan or Chocolate boy he is a super affectionate and sweet little guy, just weaned and ready for a new home.

You are welcome to contact me at chinpoo@sunsetchinchillas.com or call/text (318) 405-1163 to set up a time to visit and pick up a chinchilla. All of my baby chinchillas are played with daily though they are still very energetic and wiggly.

*Due to covid I am meeting people outside. If you want a chinchilla, let me know which one and I will do my best to describe him/her to you. I am not allowing people to handle them then hand them back and leave - chinchillas can get the respiratory part of covid just like any other mammal and I do not want to infect the rest of my pets.

Due to the intense Texas heat please understand that I may rush you to put the chin (especially babies) directly into your vehicle so they can stay cool. I am happy to stand and chat as long as you like but they need to stay below 75 degrees.

Thank you for your understanding.

Current payment methods are Cash (preferred), Apple Pay or Zelle. If you choose to pay as services and goods I am required to charge applicable sales tax of 8.25%.

I will hold a chinchilla for 7 days with a non-refundable deposit of $50. This counts towards the total purchase price. After 7 days the chinchilla will be made available on the website again.

I do work full time so please be patient. This is a hobby I greatly enjoy at my home, not a business.

All chins must be picked up in person or you can arrange a transporter. Examples of the transporters people use are USHIP Pets and Citizen Shipper. It is up to the buyer to arrange and pay for these services, previous customers have been quoted $20-$400 depending on distance.

Once you find a transporter you can ask if they provide carriers - many do. You can also have one shipped to me, please include a water bottle if the chinchilla will be on the transport more than 12 hours. The transporters usually contact me to schedule a pickup time and we will go from there. Carriers need to be hard sided cat carriers, or if it is more than a 3 day trip they MUST BE ALL METAL. Chinchillas eat plastic and when they get bored and on long trips they chew right through those carriers. Bunnyrabbit.com Makes metal carriers. Any small wire cage with wire spacing 1" x 1" or less is acceptable.

What determines a chinchilla's price?
It comes down to how keen I am on the chinchilla leaving. Sometimes they start high and drop in price if they aren't turning out nice enough to show. Sometimes they turn out so nice I decide to keep them.
-Show Quality
-Have they escaped and/or let others out recently
-Gender - chinchillas always produce more boys than girls so I almost always have a lot of boys for sale.

Cute Violet Baby

Below is a list of the chinchilla colors that can be born here;

Standard Gray - light to extra dark
Black Velvet
Hetero Ebony Chinchilla
Homo Ebony Chinchilla
Tan or Chocolate Chinchilla
Tov Tan Chinchilla
Mosaic Chinchilla
Tov Mosaic Chinchilla
Ebony White Chinchilla (+TOV)
Tan White Chinchilla (+TOV)
Beige Chinchilla (+sc)
Brown Velvet Chinchilla
Homo Tan Chinchilla
Pinkwhite Chinchilla (+TOV)
Violet Chinchilla (+sc)
Beige Violet Chinchilla
Beige Sapphire Chinchilla
White Violet Chinchilla
Sapphire Chinchilla (+vc)
Tov Sapphire Chinchilla (+vc)
Blue Diamond Chinchillas (Pure US/Frazier lines plus some Denmark lineage)

(+sc) = Sapphire carrier
(+vc) = Violet carrier
(+TOV) = Touch of Velvet, short hand for Black Velvet
bdc = Blue Diamond carrier
bpc = Black Pearl carrier
rpac = Recessive Angora carrier.