Rescues and Surrenders

I only have one hospital/quarantine room and can only take in one chinchilla or a group of chinchillas from the same home at a time.

This means that if I already have one in quarantine I can not take another, but I may be able to help you find them a new home. It can take 6-8 months for an adult to find a new home, more if they have health issues so please be patient.

I do ask that if you drop your chin off to please provide any important veterinary information, age, name, and write up a brief description of your little guy for a potential new home. I provide the new owners with your information and this helps them make the transition.

If it is an emergency, especially if they need to see a vet, that is ok, I will take them no questions asked. Call me at (318) 405-1163 or email me at

I am on-call for work so may not be able to leave the San Antonio area but will do the best I can to get your chinchilla help.