Beige Color Changes

These are all photos of the same chin, a few days old to 8 months. She is out of a pinkwhite female and a black velvet male. Some chinchillas change color drastically between birth and two years. It is tied to the genetic lineage and offspring will have the same tendancy to change colors.
Tov pinkwhite chinchilla baby
3 days old, see the white ring? She had a brown velvet brother that was born with a facial mask.

Tov pinkwhite and brown velvet chinchilla babies
At three weeks of age. She is on the left, her Brown Velvet brother on the right. You can see she is starting to get "spots".

TOV pinkwhite chinchilla getting veiling mask
5 weeks of age, getting more veiling.

Young chinchilla getting Tov veiling
6 weeks, getting some very dark spots.

Velvet veil filling in over back and shoulders
8 weeks, she is filling in very nicely.

three month old brown velvet looking chinchilla
Three months, she is most definitely a brown velvet! Leaves me wondering why she wasn't also born with a mask.

Unusual white underfur for a brown velvet chinchilla
She has very white underfur, and spotting where her veil is darkening. This is the first time I have ever seen spotting in a non-ebony chin. To see more about spotting, check the Tan Changes page.

Beautiful Brown velvet female chinchilla, may be pinkwhite
Here she is at 8 months of age. She has a very dark full veil with no breaking from nose to tail. Her tail is very white for a beige animal.

Brown velvet chinchilla with very thick fur density and exceptional fur strength
You can see that her underfur is no longer white. I am very curious to see if she throws white kits when bred. If so, she is the most heavily marked Tov Pinkwhite I have ever seen.