Picture of Doughboy
Doughboy is 16 years old, and I've never used him for breeding. He is a cuddler and thrives on attention. He placed first at the six shows he went to between 2005 and 2007. He loves to travel which is why he gets around to all the shows.

Picture of Jeff's Pinkwhite Picture of Jeff's Pinkwhite
This chin is from Jeff Stevens, and is now known as "Jeff's Pinkwhite". She is out of a first place pinkwhite he had from Somovia named "Pink Floyd", and came pregnant. She throws some stunning kits and is in breeding with Grumpy.

Beige from Bill Fallis Beige from Bill Fallis
Grumpy I picked up from Bill Fallis at the 2006 Boise show. He took reserve color class champion. He looked so cute I just couldn't leave him, even though I swore I wouldn't pick up any more chins until I owned a house. It didn't help that Bill made me an offer I couldn't refuse! He is just as cuddly as Doughboy and really enjoys being held.

Pushy is out of Jeff's Pinkwhite and a Black Velvet from Kenworthy. There is some confusion on her true color, she will go into breeding with Grumpy when she is old enough. She is pushy and the most in-your-face demanding chin I have ever had - she actually likes to have her chest and belly scratched.
Grumpy and Pushy
Grumpy and Pushy.