Pacific Northwest Chapter, Boise ID 2005

This is the first show I took a digital camera to. I am the only breeder at this show that is still breeding as of 2017.

Starting at 6AM. DRSC grooming.

8:30am More people grooming. Julie Oderkirk is facing the camera talking to Catherine.

8:30am, other side of the room.

Shot of the chins facing the show table.

Everyone waiting for the Show to start.

Judge Hendrika commenting on the whites.

Top three chins, Hetero Ebony M bred by Selena, Black Velvet by Bill Fallis, and Hetero Ebony female by Dr. Jeff Stevens.

Right to Left - Grand Show Champ & Best Male of show - Selena and hubby David, Bill Fallis with Reserve and ?, Dr. Jeff Stevens with Best female of show, and Ms. Humphries with top Naturalle?