South Atlantic Branch Chinchilla Show, Roxboro, North Carolina 2017

Tiffany looking exhausted. Most shows would begin with early grooming ~6AM. This one began with 14 inches of fresh snowfall overnight after an 18 hour drive. We didn't make it to the show hall until around 7:30 due to road conditions.

9AM, more people are starting to roll in as the roads are plowed. Ronda from is showing Leanne and Breanna how to groom. Ronda no longer has chinchillas but volunteers at shows.

Show table is set up, it is 11AM and everyone has finally arrived.

Ralph and Barbara Shoots surveying the 40 animals that need grooming.

Some of the champions. This show was the longest running I have ever been to due to the weather. We didn't finish until after 6PM, and cleanup didn't end until after 11PM.

Mutation Breeder Awards, 1st Place Jim Ritterspach, 2nd place Ralph & Barbara, 3rd place Sunset Chinchillas, 4th place Tiffany's Chinchillas, 5th place Leanne Huxtable