California Recessive White

The California Recessive white/White Tail is unique in that babies are born standard and start to fade when they reach adulthood. Eventually they turn pure white as they age (8+ years). This mutation showed up in California, I know they resided at Bowen-Anza ranch, TOV-Ranch, then PSK. 2018 - This has proven to be the same gene or set of genes that affects fading in all colors and is now known as "fading white". I had it pop up in my Blue Diamonds and have photos of those in the Fading Blue Diamond section. It is not a recessive, two fading whites don't always produce fading offspring that fades the same as or more than the parents. It seems to work more like ebony being a random dominant where you can have a small to large amount of fading showing depending on how much the baby inherited, but that does not determine how much the baby can throw. (Light ebonies can throw an xdark ebony)

California recessive white chinchilla
2010 - 8 year old female owned by Ronda's Chinchillas.