Standard Gray or Naturalle

Standards, also called Grey or Naturalle can vary from a light even gray to a dark black top but always have a white belly. For show, a crisp white belly is expected. The bluer the coat appears the better. Red tinting and a yellow cast to the fur is frowned upon.

In the last 10 years darker standards have become very popular and it has made finding a quality light standard very difficult.

In October of 2011 I had the opportunity to photograph a herd of 800+ chinchillas that were being sold. This gives me the opportunity to share photos of all different shapes, sizes and colors of standards with you.

Extra Light dual carrier standard or Blue Diamond carrier
This is a very light standard, but not a true extra light as it does have a clear veil, the veil is very light becuase it is modified by this chinchilla being a carrier of both violet and sapphire.

Extra Light Standard Chinchilla or sapphire carrier
This chinchilla is very similar to the one above. Either a sapphire carrier or a dual carrier, just slightly darker on top.

Light Standard Chinchilla Naturalle
This is a true light standard, she is a pure standard and does not carry any other genetics. I am happy to say she is living out the rest her years with me. She was born in 2006.

Light Medium Standard chinchilla
This is a Light Medium Standard if classified according to MCBA. You can see the start of a veil along the top of the back.

Medium Light Standard Chinchilla
Another Light Medium Standard with slightly more pronounced veiling.

Medium Standard Chinchilla
Medium Standard where veil goes nose to tail and is nice and black.

Medium colorphase Standard Chinchilla
This one would probably be classified as a Medium Dark, the veiling is solid over the back and coming down the sides.

Medium Dark Standard
A solid Medium Dark standard, may be a dark when it is full grown. That line in the fur across the hip is called a priming Line.

Dark colorphase Standard Chinchilla
A lovely Dark Standard with a pure white belly and a great top. This chin would do very well at show.

Dark Standard Chinchilla
Another very large dark standard. This one did do well at show, color champion I believe. The fur would be very smooth and dark if the chin was not Priming.

Extra dark standard Chinchilla
Extra dark standard male with a bright white belly.

Extra dark Standard color Chinchilla
Extra Dark Standard male from Tiffany breeds for much darker standards than I do, so I asked for a photo of one of hers.