Hetero Beige Chinchillas

Beiges also come in light, medium, and dark color phases, and will always have a white belly and pink ears. Some may have darker brown freckles on their ears. Some beiges may be very blue tinted and appear greyish, but will still have pink ears.

  • Hetero Beige chinchilla
    Jasper, an adult Hetero Beige female (left) and three Beige kits; L to R, Hetero Beige(largest), Homo Beige, and a Dark Hetero Beige (smallest). Pics 2-11-2001

    Hetero is short for Heterozygous or carrying one beige gene. Hetero beiges have a 50% chance to throw an offspring with the beige gene. Two beige genes, (one from each parent) gives you a chinchilla Homzygous for beige, like this Homo Tan. He will pass the beige gene 100% of the time.
    When you mix multiple colors like Velvet, Beige and white you can end up with an array of baby colors. Many times you can not easily identify the actual color when born. This girl is a great example of a baby who's adult color was very different.