Blue Diamond or Viophire Chinchillas

A lovely bright blue cross expressing both violet and sapphire. There are two names used in association with it; one is Viophire the other is Blue Diamond. As of 2014 there are two lines of Blue Diamonds in the United States. One line is from Denmark and the other originated from Ronda's Chinchillas. The Denmark lines tend to be mixed with German violet called a 'Triple Diamond' and are often much darker in coloration. The U.S. lines are a mich brighter silvery color and are only Sullivan Violet and Sapphire. Some babies are born very brightly colored but usually darken with age. I also have a line here that stays a very bright silver as they get older.

I have babies from both lines of Blue Diamond chinchillas for sale as well as violet, sapphire, and standard carriers. You are welcome to contact me at to see if I have anything available.

These started showing up at Ronda's Chinchillas in June 2006. They are out of a herd Ronda has no history on and are a very unique color.

2021 - Tov Blue Diamond girl vs. Blue Diamond wrap (pictured below at 7 months). Ebony causes the color to pop more vividly.

2020 - 7 month old Tov Blue Diamond wrap female. The effect of ebony is the same with color as it is with beige - the more ebony, the darker the blue.

2018 - Nice young male that will be going to the National show.

2016 - Adorable Baby girl.

2016 - Very Bright young female, 5 months old.

2016 - Really nice 1 year old female that I kept to breed.

2016 Baby Blue Diamond and Violet sc sisters. U.S. lines.

2016 - Young Blue Diamond female showing her lovely color.

2015 - Baby blue diamond, US lines.

2015 Young Blue Diamond females, one is US lines, the darker one a mix of Denmark and US. I really prefer the brighter color, but need the darker ones to outcross.

US Light Sullivan Violet sc on the left and Denmark lineage Blue Diamond male on the right. The Denmark BD's are almost as dark or darker than my violets.

2014 - Denmark lines Violet and Blue Diamond young adults. BD is 4 months, Violet is 6 months.

2010 - 10 week old female.

2010 - 10 week old female with 3 month old sapphire.

2010 - Viophire/Blue Diamond, Standard sapphire carrier and sapphire.

2010 - Viophire/Blue Diamond, Standard sapphire carrier and sapphire.

2008 - Adult from Ronda's Chinchillas.

*2006 - Under show lights with a flash she has no visible eye color.*

2006 - Look at the tails.*
*2006 - L to R; old Sapphire, This girl, old oxidized violet. *

*2006 - L to R; older Tov Violet, This girl, older oxidized violet male, old sapphire. *

*2006 - The first girl and old Sapphire. *

*2006 - Sapphire, The girl, Violet and TOV Violet.

*Photos taken by Ronda Frazier. All other photos taken by me.